Choosing a logistics operator – what to look for?

More and more companies, not only in the e-commerce industry, are choosing to implement contract logistics. Among other things, companies do not need to invest in their own warehouses and incur maintenance costs, they can focus solely on sales. However, what aspects, you should pay attention to when choosing a logistics operator?

What should you pay attention to when choosing a logistics operator?

Choosing a logistics operator begins with determining the needs of the company. This is the starting point, as this is the main determinant of which company we will hand over the goods to. However, in this post we will focus exclusively on aspects related to the logistics operator.

What to pay attention to first? The first element is experience. Experience gained through many years of operation in a market that is changing very dynamically is very valuable, because it shows the flexibility of the company and the fact that, despite the challenges that arise, it is able to cope even in the most difficult moments. However, in terms of experience, it is also important to pay attention to what industries a given operator has served.

Not without significance is the extent to which the logistics company’s operations cover. Even if a potential client is currently focused exclusively on the domestic market, it does not mean that in the near future it will not expand its reach to other countries, and thus its need for storage space will increase. Definitely, long-term goals and plans should be taken into account when choosing a logistics company, so there is an opportunity to build a lasting, long-term cooperation.

Choosing a logistics operator

References of the logistics operator

Another very important element is references. Nothing affects the image of a company better than the opinions of satisfied customers. A good opinion of the services offered, timeliness and quality largely testifies to a reliable and comprehensive approach to the customer. Here it is worth paying additional attention to the duration of cooperation with a given partner. Maintaining long-term good relations is a challenge, especially in a dynamically changing environment.

The next element that affects the choice of a logistics operator is the location of warehouses, which should be closest to the target customer. The most attractive locations are along major transportation routes, on the outskirts of a city, near an expressway, for example. In addition, a modern, fully-equipped office facility and warehouse, enabling rapid handling, unloading and loading of goods, the use of modern system or sideloaders, the use of IT systems such as WMS, and a qualified team certainly shapes the image of the company as a reliable one, focusing on the quality of services provided.

An important element is also offer which does not refer only to the storage of goods, but gives the opportunity to use other services such as packaging, so that the logistics operator is able to take a comprehensive approach to the needs of each customer.

LCL Logistic operator

Of course, these are just a few aspects that influence the choice of a logistics operator. Focusing on the customer and their needs is an important element in the LCL Logistic is the basis of operation. We offer comprehensive services related to logistics. Focused on continuous development, we strive to take an individual approach to each customer in order to provide services at the highest possible level. Strategic location, a wide range of services, comprehensiveness are a few of our many strengths that contribute to building lasting partnerships with customers.