Logistic Centre

Perfect location for logistics and freight forwarding services

What is a logistics centre?

To understand what role a logistics centre plays in the functioning of an economy, it is first essential to consider what logistics actually is. Logistics combines the process of planning, controlling and implementing the flow of all goods and information in order to satisfy customer requirements. It is one of the most important aspects of business management. 

Without the perfect coordination of logistics activities, it would not be possible to deliver the right products to the right customer, intact and at the right quantity, at the right time, at a reasonable cost. Logistics can be divided into different areas of interest. These include procurement logistics, production logistics, distribution logistics, warehouse logistics, transport logistics, among others. 

A logistics centre is both an object and an organisation realising all kinds of logistic services such as receiving goods, their storage, reloading, issuing or transport. In another way, a logistics centre is a facility with the organisation and infrastructure enabling independent companies to perform operations on goods related to their storage and transport between the sender and the recipient. This also includes the service of intermodal transport. Intermodal transport, i.e. transport taking place through different channels, e.g. such, where one stage is carried out by sea and the other by land.

Logistics centre in Lubuskie Voivodeship

Lubuskie Logistics Centre is one of few companies of this kind in Lubuskie Voivodeship. Additionally, we are a young and rapidly developing company. We provide logistics and transport services at the highest level, in several available systems. These include door-to-door and just-in-time.
Budynek firmy LCL Logistic, przed nim pojazdy floty LCL Spedition do transportu międzynarodowego

How does the Logistics Centre work?

And how does a logistics centre work? Which elements do we have and what can you expect from us? We have a modern, fully-equipped office facility and warehouse, which allows not only the storage of goods or quick car reloading, but also the unloading/loading of containers. We can complete the customer’s order by unloading it from several cars to the warehouse and loading it into one car so that the full order reaches the customer at a convenient time.

We offer transport and forwarding services, including the selection of an appropriate means of transport, transport documentation and transport itself. We mediate in the distribution of goods, i.e. we transport them between the producer and the wholesaler or courier company delivering goods to retail customers.

If the order is large enough, we are happy to deliver the goods directly to the final customer. We also carry out deliveries to production lines and express direct transports between the sender and the recipient. Our centre also includes a car wash and a car service centre. As befits a logistics centre, we are located on the outskirts of the city, close to an expressway, in our case the S3.

Auta dostawcze i ciężarowe floty LCL Spedition przed budynkiem firmy logistycznej LCL Logistic

What makes our logistics centre special?

A logistics centre is the most complex segment of logistics infrastructure, which is usually located near international transport arteries. It may be equipped with such elements as: intermodal transport hub, modern warehouse space, transshipment platforms, modern office facilities, point of technical service and repair of means of transport, IT infrastructure and others. Our logistics centre has all these facilities.

High-tech infrastructure

We deal with widely understood warehouse logistics. We also have A-class warehouse space for rent, which allows us to place goods on eight levels, up to a height of 14 meters. In addition, the entire warehouse area has a constant temperature that does not fall below 15 degrees. We will deliver before you count to three – 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

Perfect location

The head office of LCL LOGISTIC is located in Zielona Góra’s Economic Activity Zone. The customs administration is also located near our company, which significantly speeds up the transport of goods abroad.

The investment area on which our company is located is directly created for logistics services. The closeness of the S3 expressway allows us to bypass city traffic jams, therefore the problem with access to our warehouse and transport of goods disappears. You will reach us in a blink of an eye.