Highest standards certified

ISO 9001 certificate

We are the proud holder of ISO 9001 certification, the international quality management standard. This prestigious certificate confirms that our company meets the highest quality standards and is committed to continuous process improvement.

Thanks to ISO 9001, our products and services are delivered in line with customer expectations, and our activities are based on risk analysis and identifying areas for improvement. This certification translates into the competitiveness of our company in the market, building customer confidence and strengthening our brand as a quality supplier.

LCL Logistic certyfikat ISO 9001:2015-10

ISO 22000 certificate

In order to ensure the highest quality of our products and the safety of our customers, we are ISO 22000 certified. This standard relates to food safety and ensures that our warehousing processes comply with the highest standards.

Being ISO 22000 certified means that we take care to identify and control food safety risks at the storage stage. Our procedures and practices are constantly evaluated and improved to ensure the highest quality and safety of products for our customers.

ISO 45001 certificate

We are an ISO 45001 certified company for occupational health and safety management.

Our ISO 45001 certification demonstrates our commitment to providing safe and healthy working conditions for our employees. By carefully analysing and controlling safety and health risks, we take appropriate preventive measures. This certification also contributes to the operational efficiency of our company.

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