Q4 a challenge for logistics companies

The end of November, up until Christmas, is a time when the number of orders increases dramatically, making this period extremely busy for companies in the logistics industry.

The end of November and the beginning of December is definitely a period of increased shopping, which is currently being done more and more often over the Internet, due to time savings and convenience. Special days during which amazing price bargains come up have also become popular. One of them is Black Friday, a shopping holiday that this year falls on November 25. However, this is not the only day when customers can count on big discounts. Both online and stationary stores the week before Black Friday tempt with attractive prices. Here comes the first challenge for companies in the logistics industry, namely maintaining a smooth supply chain, which is influenced, among other things, by fast order processing. Maintaining liquidity in this area is an attitude. In fact, the period from the end of November to Christmas is a time when the number of orders increases dramatically, which also has an impact on the increased number of returns. For e-commerce companies, a fulfillment service comes to the rescue, which can include handling the entire order process, or just a part of it, so that businesses have logistical support during this special period.

A challenge for companies in the logistics industry

Autumn-winter weather and the transportation of goods

Another challenge is the autumn-winter weather, which, due to rainy weather and low temperatures, is conducive to getting sick, causing many people to go on sick leave during this time, which generates problems with employee shortages. However, weather conditions not only affect the amount of sickness, but also the timing of the transport of goods. Snowfall, ice formed on the roads or lower visibility means that many unpredictable situations can arise on the route, which can generate considerable delays, which as a consequence, in addition to financial losses, will result in many people not getting, or receiving the ordered product with a long delay, which companies in the pre-Christmas period cannot afford. In such unfavorable atmospheric conditions that prevail during the winter, increased driver vigilance is a must, but it should also be remembered to regularly clear snow from the maneuvering area, or equip the fleet with wheel chains, these types of solutions, are not a cure-all for all problems, but they definitely have an impact on improving safety.

End of the year as a major challenge for logistics companies

With the weather and the intense pre-Christmas shopping season, the end of the year is certainly a big challenge for logistics companies. However, the awareness of how intense this period is makes companies prepare a plan of action in advance for this difficult time, so that each person receives the ordered product in time, and all company processes run smoothly and efficiently.