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Confectioning at LCL Logistic

Confectioning is an indispensable step in logistics to efficiently prepare goods for shipment. Thanks to our experience and advanced technologies, we will ensure that your orders are prepared quickly and accurately, guaranteeing perfect presentation and safe delivery of your products. Our offer includes comprehensive packaging services, which include:

Preparation of materials

We provide full preparation of the necessary materials, such as packaging, labels, protective inserts and manuals.

Sorting of goods

We carry out efficient and effective sorting of goods based on specific criteria such as size, colour, model or expiry date.

Choosing the right packaging

We tailor the right packaging for each type of goods, taking into account their size, shape and characteristics.

Unit and kit packaging

Whether your goods are to be sold in individual units or as kits or parcels, you can rely on our experienced team.

Labelling and marking

Each package will be marked with a unique code or label, which will include information about the product, its features, instructions for use and shipping details.

Quality control

We carry out a rigorous quality check before completing the packaging process. We check that each package contains the correct product, that the labels are correct and that everything is properly protected.

Preparation for dispatch

Once the packaging is completed, the finished packages are prepared for dispatch. We can store them in our warehouse or prepare them directly for delivery to the customer, according to your preferences.

Konfekcjonowanie etykietowanie i foliowanie opakowania w magazynie

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