University Hospital can count on us

The COVID-19 pandemic is for another year paralyzing economies around the world and the ability of ordinary citizens to function normally. We have been forced to get used to permanent sanitary restrictions, the need for constant caution and vigilance for fear of our health or impeded ability to travel. Restrictions related to the pandemic affected all of us, but health care in particular was at the center of the covid eye of the cyclone. Medical units of many countries were forced to reorganize and prioritize patients suffering from the coronavirus .

This was the situation in which the K. Marcinkowski University Hospital found itself. K. Marcinkowski University Hospital in Zielona Gora. A new complex was built on the hospital grounds – a building to become the Maternal and Child Health Center. The outbreak of the pandemic meant that plans to open the Center had to be suspended, and the building’s space was allocated for the establishment of a Temporary Hospital, where treatment of patients infected with coronavirus takes place.

In parallel with the need to suspend plans for the opening of the Maternal and Child Health Center and the reorganization of the operation of the entire unit, the hospital authorities faced a problem arising from the lack of warehouse space to store equipment dedicated to the Center.

LCL Logistic begins cooperation with University Hospital of Zielona Gora

The University Hospital’s social media has been abuzz with an appeal for storage assistance. The management of the LCL Holding group of companies responded to the appeal promptly, offering to store equipment in the company’s warehouses in the industrial zone in Nowy Kisielin. LCL Logistic’s spaces are A-class warehouses, equipped with 24-hour monitoring, partially automated, meeting all the necessary requirements for storing medical equipment as well.

Theagreement for the free storage of the equipment, was signed between LCL Holding’s CEO Mateusz Oleksiejuk and the president of the University Hospital of Zielona Gora, Marek Działoszyński, on March 4 during a press conference on the hospital’s premises. The Hospital’s property will be allowed to remain in LCL Logistic’s warehouses indefinitely, and the company has also pledged to provide free transportation of equipment back to the Hospital’s premises once the Maternal and Child Health Center can be launched.

The management of LCL Holding’s companies wants to be part of the local community and to support the community whenever there is a need, and the company’s resources provide this opportunity.