Warehouse infrastructure​

Rental of warehouse space with service​

Characteristics of the LCL Logistic warehouse

12 000 m2 of warehouse space
Space for 19 000 euro pallets
Jungheinrich system trucks
High-bay warehouse
A class
10 loading ramps
Fixed temperature of 15°C

Innovative warehouse infrastructure

In our innovative logistics centre, infrastructure and technology create comprehensive logistics solutions.
Our advanced forklifts ensure the safe and precise manipulation of goods, while high-bay systems make optimal use of storage space. Here are some of them:

Forklift ERE 225​

Thanks to the above parameters, the use of this forklift allows unloading or loading in up to twice the time of standard forklifts.
Wózek ERE 225
Wózek ETV 320

Forklift ETV 320

Thanks to the above parameters, the use of this forklift makes it possible to store goods on the duplex racks that we use in one of our warehouses. The additional fork extension makes it possible to place goods in an internal racking slot. It is therefore possible to make more optimal use of the available storage space.

The camera, located on the forklift, helps the operator to precisely pick and put goods on the shelf that he or she would not be able to see from the cabin.

Forklift ERC 216zi

Thanks to the above parameters, the use of this trolley allows up to two pallets to be transported simultaneously (one on top of the other). This is particularly useful for unloading or loading operations in which two pallets are carried on a trailer at a time.

Therefore, in the above cases, unloading and loading takes up to half as long as when using standard pallet trucks. Without using physical force, the operator can separate such units, for example to prepare them for racking.

Wózek ERC 2016zi
Wózek EKX 516

Forklift EKX 516

High productivity: the EKX 516 forklift is designed to move goods quickly and efficiently at heights of up to 18 metres, increasing warehouse productivity.

Ease of use: The EKX 516 is easy to operate and has an intuitive user interface, which reduces training time for new operators and reduces the risk of errors.

In addition, the forklift operates in semi-automatic mode, i.e. the operator’s role is limited only to controlling the operation of the forklift, which performs all relocations automatically. This function has a huge impact on the optimum efficiency and repeatability of the movements performed.

Warehouse logistics

Our logistics centre offers a comprehensive warehouse and logistics service. We therefore perform all related services. Collection of goods from the customer, sorting and repacking of goods. Also consolidation and deconsolidation, labelling, picking and picking of goods. We guarantee a transparent and reliable workflow.

Rental of warehouse space

Don’t have space to store your goods? Want to plan your marketing activities better? Then apply to LCL Logistic. Our logistics centre offers warehouse space for rent in Zielona Góra. We will also take care of comprehensive national and international transport, storage and distribution of your products.
Wynajem powierzchni magazynowe Zielona Góra

Are you interested in renting warehouse space?​

We invite you to take advantage of attractive terms for renting warehouse space in Zielona Góra. Contact us today – we will collect, store and deliver your products. Together we will create efficient and flexible solutions, tailored to your needs.