Contract logistics

Outsourcing in logistics

What is contract logistics?

Contract logistics, or logistics outsourcing, is the whole range of activities that take place in a warehouse. This model involves the division of tasks between two sides, comprehensive management of warehouse operations and long-term cooperation in terms of transport, storage of goods, their packaging and distribution.

LCL LOGISTIC has an A-class warehouse, which allows us to place goods on eight levels, up to a height of 14 metres. In addition, the entire warehouse area is at a constant temperature that does not fall below 15 degrees, so we are able to provide professional contract logistics services.

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Saving time and money

By choosing contract logistics, you do not have to invest in your own warehouses and incur the costs of maintaining them. You do not need to hire additional employees or worry about recruiting warehouse staff. You can focus on sales.


When you choose our contract logistics services, you put your goods in the hands of professionals who take full responsibility for them and guarantee that they will be properly protected during storage, as well as properly packed.


Using a contract logistics service allows you to keep costs in check while maintaining the same level of customer service. This is possible with a small business, but also when scaling it up and processing tens of thousands of orders per month.

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Take advantage of our services

We offer comprehensive and long-term contract logistics services. As part of outsourcing we offer:

Contract logistics in cooperation with LCL Logistic

Our company cooperates with a number of companies in transport and logistics, both in Poland and abroad. We adapt to the requirements of our customers, offering the best logistics solutions. Comprehensive service makes our partners satisfied.

We operate on many levels – contract logistics, production logistics (also known as procurement logistics), distribution logistics and other broadly defined logistics services. Would you like to become our partner? Get in touch with us.

Are you interested in contract logistics?

Contact us and describe your requirements and our representative will prepare an attractive offer for you. We are interested in cooperating with both small and large partners.