Intermodal Logistics Hub

LCL Intermodal Logistics Hub in Niedoradz, Lubuskie Province

LCL Intermodal Logistics Hub Niedoradz

We have a new phase in front of us, which is the creation of the Consortium “LCL Intermodal Logistics Hub Niedoradz”. As of June 2023, we own a property in Niedoradz, where we plan to create an innovative logistics centre that is a combination of road and rail transport. Here, we offer services such as loading and unloading of rail wagons or storage on a storage yard.

ESG vision

Our investment concept not only includes practical development, but also implements the principles of Environmental Social Governance (ESG). We aim to create a low-carbon logistics centre, reducing the carbon footprint in both the implementation and operation of the investment.

Strategic location of Niedoradz

Niedoradz is located close to major road arteries and is a central point for road and rail transport. Its location makes it an excellent intermodal logistics and transhipment hub, accessible by road and rail networks.

We are looking for partners

In the planned development, we are focusing on linking road and rail transport, which requires the expansion of the railway siding. Therefore, we are looking for business partners who would like to support us in taking full advantage of the development opportunities.

Consortium and Project Objectives

The consortium is made up of companies from the LCL group and local entrepreneurs who initiated the project. Our aim is to open a logistics centre, using the existing infrastructure, the railway track and the construction of a full-size railway siding. Thus, using the European Funds for Infrastructure and the envisaged NIP, we have a real chance of realising this project.

As part of obtaining financial support, we have signed an agreement with a leading fundraising analyst at European and national institutions. In addition, we have taken steps to create a subzone of the KSSSE and have established cooperation with the University of Zielona Góra for scientific and technological support.

Are you interested in an intermodal logistics hub?

If you are interested in cooperating or obtaining additional information, we encourage you to contact the project coordinator, Jerzy Kwiatkowski, at the following e-mail address: or by telephone: +48 662 480 055.