Warehouseman’s job – what does it consist of?

With the growth of the e-commerce industry, the need for skilled warehouse workers is increasing. What exactly does a warehouse worker do today, and what responsibility does he or she have? We will try to answer these questions in this article.

Expanding the responsibilities of a warehouse worker

We associate warehouse work primarily with physical labor, and this is indeed true – at least in the understanding of the position as recently as 10 years ago. According to such a point of view, a warehouse worker is primarily responsible for proper stacking and securing of packages, loading and unloading of goods, preparation of shipments, as well as operation of warehouse equipment and machinery (ramps, gates, forklifts). However, over the past few years, the scope of a warehouse worker’s duties has expanded considerably. Today, physical labor is not the main factor faced by a person working in such a position. Other activities include:

  1. Planning the use of the storage room – in modern warehouses, storage systems are responsible for the proper layout of the space. However, the road from the beginning of a company, especially in the e-commerce industry, to a modern warehouse is long and winding, so it is the responsibility of the warehouse employees to plan appropriately at the beginning.
  2. Inventorycontrol – reliable inventory control, using available systems, allows for better planning and organization of operations, which contributes to more efficient fulfillment of customer orders. This is a very important task that not only relates to warehouse management, but also affects the entire company.
  3. Active cooperation with other company departments – the warehouse is a place where teamwork is a must. Each operation is linked to the previous one, so that great communication and cooperation contribute to the efficient execution of tasks and, consequently, the provision of services at the highest level.
  4. Completion of necessary documentation – properly executed warehouse documentation, allows for better management of the warehouse. Employees are responsible for the reliable maintenance of warehouse records.
  5. Supervision of timely loading and unloading of freight – punctuality is a bargaining chip for many companies, builds a good corporate image, allows lasting relationships with customers and demonstrates a professional approach to the customer.
Warehouseman job at LCL Logistic Zielona Góra

Occupational risks and challenges for warehousemen

Working as a warehouseman also involves high occupational risks. The employee is exposed to various types of injuries, stress related to responsibility, respiratory problems due to floating dust. These are just a few of the risks of taking on such a job. It is certainly not light work and certain predispositions are needed to take up such an occupation. One of the key aspects is physical fitness. In addition, the qualities that should characterize a candidate for such a position are definitely honesty and responsibility. An additional asset for a future employee is the ability to manage a warehouse, knowledge of taking inventory and completing warehouse documentation. Forklift licenses are also important, but many companies organize such courses to develop the skills of their employees.

A person employed as a warehouse worker is burdened with responsibility not only for the goods, but also for the tools, machinery or specialized work clothes entrusted to him. The issue of responsibility, which is incumbent on employees, is regulated by the Labor Code, Regulations of the Council of Ministers and intra-company regulations. We can distinguish material responsibility on general principles and responsibility for entrusted property. One of the key activities of the warehouseman is to take care of the goods entrusted to him, in the event of dereliction of duty, oversight, which contributed to causing damage to the employer, it is the employee or employees who are responsible for this.

Warehouseman’s job at LCL Logistic Zielona Gora

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