LCL group for the people of Ukraine

In recent weeks, the attention of the whole world has been focused on the tragedy that has struck our eastern neighbor, the occurrence of which – until recently – seemed to us a total abstraction. We will not describe here the situation, the course of which every European citizen is up to date with… We will not comment on what there is really no comment on. We want to join the relief efforts that have spread throughout our country, we want to be another voice saying: “Ukraine, we are with you.” We want to act.

We would prefer not to have the opportunity for these actions, we dream that the term “war” will become distant again for all of us in the shortest possible time… However, at the moment each of us is anxiously waiting for more information coming from Ukraine and wondering what the people living there may need and how to help them. Poland has opened its borders to people fleeing the war from Ukraine, Poles are offering Ukrainian citizens housing and employment opportunities in large numbers, and many NGOs have also thought about securing animals so that their owners don’t have to leave their four-legged family members in Ukraine.

However, not everyone from Ukraine is willing or able to leave… It is clear that a whole lot of people, deprived from day to day of the possibility of earning a living, sometimes deprived of their homes and the achievements of their lives, need help from the rest of the world to survive… to survive.

LCL group for the people of Ukraine

Help for the people of Ukraine

Since Saturday, sorting, packing, loading has been going on in the warehouse halls of LCL Holding companies. Everyone is helping as their resources and capabilities allow – we, as a transport, logistics and shipping company, decided to make our warehouses available and use our own vehicles to transport all the donations that have just been flowing to us from all over the province since Saturday. Look at the pictures… at all those people giving their free labor, at all those donated items and food products… the warehouses of LCL Logistic this weekend became one of the most beautiful places in our country, and it is impossible to look at these pictures without being moved, lined at the same time with the thought that it would be better not to have the opportunity for this kind of emotion and action….

Huge applause for:

  • Union of Ukrainians in Poland,
  • HIFI Foundation,
  • The Nadodrze Exploration Group,
  • The Marshal’s Office of the Lubuskie Province,
  • Zielona Gora City Council.

They are the initiators of collections of aid for the people of Ukraine, organized in the Lubuskie Voivodeship and in the city of Zielona Gora itself, they have been delivering the collection items to our warehouses since Saturday, and the amount of these gifts is impressive….

A huge round of applause for everyone who decided to join in the aid, for every person who decided to deplete their household budget to purchase products for the benefit of people they don’t even know and will never meet, but who have been affected by the tragedy of war, and who will not survive without the help of the rest of the world.

Another round of applause for the companies and Fiegie Zielona Góra for organizing and providing the cardboard boxes in which the donations were packed… and we really needed those boxes in huge quantities.

Dozens of self-appointed volunteers, since Saturday, have been hovering at the warehouse, sorting and packing. They are employees of our company, employees of the entities mentioned above, organizers of individual collections, but also people who came forward when they heard about the campaign. Everyone can help, and another pair of hands is worth its weight in gold, especially since we will be operating in groups of LCL Holding companies until Wednesday.

Among the donations being brought in are mostly medicines, food products (especially dry provisions), but also pet supplies, beverages, clothing, cleaning products, toys… all the things we go to the store for almost every day, without thinking about how we would function deprived of such an opportunity….

Cooperation between LCL Logistic and LCL Spedition

Two trucks from the fleet LCL Spedition loaded. We ourselves don’t know yet how many of them will leave – the transport is scheduled for Wednesday and there will be intensive work in our warehouse until then. All the medicines will go directly to the Field Hospital in Ternopil. The rest of the transport will also go to Ternopil, which will be handed over to foundations and churches, which in turn will distribute them to the most needy people.

We are aware that the gifts from our province are a drop in the ocean of needs, but we are happy and proud to be part of an effort that, put together, ceases to be just a drop. LCL Logistic warehouses filled with donations and people who came here to help even exude an incredible energy – it is felt by every person here. We are here for the people of Ukraine.