Confectioning – what benefits does it offer to e-commerce companies?

Confectioning is a service mainly aimed at e-commerce companies. Unquestionably, taking care of aesthetics, correctness of compliancy, timeliness and safety of products is the basis.

The concept of packaging was explained in a previous article – Fulfillment, Consolidation… A Few Sentences About Basic Terms in Logistics, so in this post we will focus only on the actual benefits of this model of cooperation.

Confectioning a key tool for online stores

As customers, we appreciate the opportunity to make purchases online. It is certainly very convenient as well as fast. In fact, through online stores we can purchase any product. As time goes by, customers’ expectations of the product they order, customer service and speed of delivery increase, and meeting their needs poses a considerable challenge for companies. This is where a packaging service comes to the rescue, the biggest advantage of which is speeding up the delivery time. It is very important to point out that this type of service is not limited to just putting the product in new packaging. Confectioning includes a number of elements, which include tracking the stage of order fulfillment, or completing product information, such action allows for more efficient order fulfillment.

Packaging service as a tool for building a positive brand image and customer loyalty

Creating lasting relationships with customers, through aesthetically pleasing packaging, but also extras that can be included in the received shipment is another benefit of the packaging service. Here we take into account various types of advertising materials, samples and gadgets. Such an action makes the customer feel appreciated, because he received something more than the product itself. Aesthetically pleasing packaging, a high-quality product and additional elements will make the customer satisfied with the purchase, which may translate into him deciding to place another order. Such action is also aimed at building a good and consistent corporate image.

Repackaging the product into another package, allows the order to be delivered to the customer in an aesthetically pleasing and safe manner. The company can put its logo on the packaging, or keep the packaging in the company’s colors, which will affect the positive perception of the brand by customers. Specific identification affects the attractiveness of the product and will make the customer associate the brand with good quality and aesthetic performance in the future.

Increased security of delivery

Increased security is another advantage that affects the quality of order fulfillment. Confectioning service includes the possibility of foiling products and filling the free space in the package with, for example, a special cardboard filler, thus increasing its protection against external factors such as dirt or shifting of products during transport.

Confectioning and benefits for the e-commerce industry

Confectioning at LCL Logistic

As we can see, the use of confectioning services is certainly a very big convenience for companies. Customers have increasingly high expectations with regard to the products they order, their form of packaging, labeling and aesthetics. Currently, it is not the product itself that counts, which is supposed to satisfy the needs, but all the additional elements. Using the services of a logistics operator will allow you to meet customers’ expectations with regard to the order in progress. LCL Logistic company offers professional packaging services. If you are thinking about choosing a logistics operator to support your e-commerce business, it is worth taking interest in our services. See for yourself!