What is the packaging of goods? What does it consist of?

Although packaging encompasses a variety of activities that result in a product being suitable for sale and shipment, in a nutshell it can be said to be the packaging of an article. You probably don’t need to convince anyone of the fact that an attractive presentation of a product affects sales results – this also applies to products purchased online. Unpacking them arouses vivid emotions, which, properly used, will induce the customer to get acquainted with our offer again.

This is what packaging focuses on. The idea is to package or repackage products in such a way as to give them a more attractive form without changing their properties. This must be done so that the products are safe for transport. The result is an attractive, ready-to-ship product that will end up in the hands of the customer.

Confectioning of goods – what does it consist of?

It would be a mistake to reduce confectioning solely to putting the ordered goods into a nice package and shipping. Done correctly, it is a multi-step process that allows for its smooth onward shipment. This process includes, among other things:

  • Placing markings on the packaging (QR or bar codes)
  • Supplementing existing information on the packaging (e.g., labels in the language used in the destination country, composition, application)
  • Placing additional products in the package (e.g. testers, freebies, advertising materials)
  • Changing packaging and packaging in new, end-customer-prepared packages that are also easier to transport
  • Foiling (by hand or machine) so that the shipped product is fully protected

Confectioning of advertising stands

Cardboard advertising stands are one of the increasingly popular forms of advertising. Nowadays we can spot them in almost every major store. Confectioning of advertising stands (displays) involves assembling them and filling them with goods to be set up in the target store. In other words, it is a service involving the preparation of advertising stands (POSM), their stocking according to the planogram with materials/products required by the client, and distributing them with the help of our fleet to each location indicated by the client. The service provided by us is comprehensive.

Packaging of cosmetics

Confectioning of cosmetics is one of the most demanding tasks due to the variety of preparations and the associated different ways of distribution, protection and packaging. Also demanding for the person carrying out this task is their delicate structure and small size, so that it is often necessary to reach for fillers, protecting them from damage during transport. On the other hand, however, products delivered to customers must look very aesthetically pleasing, also due to their high value. Proper packaging used in a professional manner will achieve both of these goals.

Cosmetics packaged by LCL Logistic

Garment packaging

Garment packaging is a very important element in brand building, especially for manufacturers offering prestigious collections and models. Each ordered product should be packed exactly according to the order. This applies to both the model and the size of the garment. There is no room for any mistakes here. In addition, the packaging should be properly labeled with shipping details. It should also protect against possible contamination during transport.

Packaging versus picking – the differences

Those involved in logistics have certainly encountered both the terms packaging and picking many times, with regard to receiving orders and preparing them for shipment. However, there are some differences between the issues that fall under the terms packaging and picking. This is because picking refers to the preparation of orders in the context of gathering and combining loads located in different locations, while packing is focused on the proper packing and preparation of goods for shipment.

Confectioning labeling and foiling of packaging in the warehouse

Do you want to outsource packing to us?

Even in the largest and best-organized warehouse, it is not uncommon to lack the space and capacity to comprehensively organize large-scale packing. For this reason, outsourcing this task to us may prove to be the easiest solution, allowing you to meet your orders even during peak periods when you come to contend with a huge number of orders. For years we have been engaged in professional and comprehensive packaging, we also have technological facilities, as well as experienced staff, which allows us to undertake almost any task.