Packaging of products

Comprehensive preparation of an article for sale

What is packaging?

Although packaging encompasses various activities which result in a product being suitable for sale and dispatch, in short it can be said that it is the packaging of an article. Probably no one needs to be convinced that an attractive presentation of a product affects sales results – this also applies to products purchased online. Unpacking them arouses vivid emotions, which, properly used, will encourage the customer to familiarise themselves with our offer again.

This is what packaging focuses on. The point is to pack or repack products in such a way as to give them a more attractive form without changing their properties. This must be done in such a way that the products are safe for transport. The result is an attractive product that is ready to be shipped and ends up in the hands of the customer.

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Packaging of goods - what does it involve?

It would be a mistake to reduce packaging solely to placing the ordered goods in a nice package and dispatching them. If done correctly, it is a multi-stage process that allows for smooth further shipping. It includes, among other things:

Packaging of advertising stands

Cardboard advertising stands are one of the increasingly popular forms of advertising. Nowadays we can see them in almost every bigger shop. Making promotional stands (displays) consists of assembling them and completing them with the goods to be placed in the target shop. In other words, it is a service consisting of preparing advertising stands (POSM), their stocking with materials/products required by the client, and transporting them with our fleet to any location required by the client. The service provided by us is complex.

Packaging of cosmetics

Confectioning cosmetics is one of the most demanding tasks due to the variety of preparations and the associated different methods of distribution, protection and packaging. The delicate structure and small size of the products is also demanding for the person performing this task, which means that fillers must often be used to prevent damage during transport. On the other hand, the products delivered to the customers must look very aesthetic, also due to their high value. Appropriate packaging used in a professional manner will achieve both these goals.

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Confectioning of clothing

Clothing packaging is a very important element in branding, especially for manufacturers offering prestigious collections and models. Each product ordered should be packed exactly as ordered. This applies to both the model and the size of the garment. There is no room for mistakes. The packaging should also be labelled with the shipping details. It should also protect against possible soiling during transport.

Film wrapping

The foiling protects the finished products from external influences and any possible damage that might occur during transportation. In the case of fragile products, the foil protects against breakage, movement within the carton or even mechanical damage (bubble wrap). Depending on the product and customer requirements, the film can be hot or cold wrapped.


Labelling is an essential part of packaging, making it easier to manage orders, identify finished packages and dispatch them. Labels using QR or barcodes are an important element in the order management and control system, which allows the order status and package location to be tracked at every stage of the work.

Non-standard actions

Do you have an order different from others? You are on a tight deadline? If for these or other reasons your order is different from the standard - feel free to contact us. We provide all packaging services and we are confident that we will also be able to deliver your order.

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Packaging and picking - the difference

Those who work in logistics have certainly come across both the terms packaging and picking many times in relation to orders received and preparation for shipment. However, there are some differences between the issues covered by the terms picking and packing. Picking refers to the preparation of orders in terms of gathering and combining loads located in different places, while packing is focused on the proper packaging and preparation of goods for shipment.

Packaging services - do you want to outsource us?

Even the largest and most well-organised warehouse often lacks the space and capacity to comprehensively organise large-scale packing. Therefore, outsourcing this task to us may be the simplest solution, allowing you to meet your orders even during peak periods, when you have to cope with a huge number of orders. For years we have been dealing with professional and comprehensive packing, we also have technological facilities and experienced staff at our disposal, which allows us to undertake almost any task.

Are you interested in packaging?

Contact us and describe your requirements and our representative will prepare an attractive offer for you. We are interested in cooperating with both small and large contractors.